Maintenance Agreements

Preventative Service Maintenance Agreements

AIS clients enjoy flexible maintenance agreements that are structured to the timeline and scope of services needed to properly maintain their specific mechanical systems and assets. 

Whether office environments that have less stringent maintenance needs, to mission-critical systems that require monthly service, large operations or smaller facilities, our mechanical systems specialists will evaluate the best plan, pricing, and schedule to keep you in great working order.

What benefits do Maintenance Agreements provide?
In addition to regularly scheduled service and negotiated pricing, our clients enjoy discounted labor and material pricing as well as prioritization over non-contract customers, along with having a designated primary service technician. In addition, we provide maintenance agreement customers with 24x7 emergency service availability with no questions asked.

What are the Options for Maintenance Contract Frequency?
Each maintenance contract is tailored to the needs of the system, based on the nature of the equipment and its application as well as its current age and condition. Some clients are serviced as infrequently as once per year; others are serviced quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly as determined in the initial system evaluation.

How is our Agreement Managed?
Every maintenance client is assigned a primary service technician, who is reponsible for the successful maintenance of the client's building and assets. Your primary service technician will get to know your building well, as well as developing a relationship with you; in most cases he will be present for any service activities performed.

How does Capital Planning factor into Maintenance Programs?
One of the chief benefits of proactive planning and maintenance is the ability to control costs. One way we help you do this is by providing capital planning consultations, at which we discuss current and future equipment needs, establish a replacement schedule, recommendations, and a budgeting plan.